When it comes to lentils this 65-person Sask. town proves that small things can pack a punch

Join chef Ricardo Larrivée as he roams the Sask. fields and learns why lentils may be the key to a sustainable food future.

'The future of food is... lentils.'

Did you know that Saskatchewan is Canada's largest producer of lentils? 3:05

If this town is anything to go by, small things can certainly pack a punch.

Riceton, population 65, is part of the Saskatchewan's lentil community. And just like the lentils they spend the year growing, their value is only magnified by their size. 

Farmers like Lee Moats supply countries like India, Bangladesh and France with red, green, black and speckled varieties of lentils. They're responsible for 95 percent of lentil production in the country — an impressive feat since Canada is the biggest exporter of lentils in the world. 

Moats's family has been farming the area for four generations. And just like his father and grandfather he's proud to be supplying sustenance to the world. 

"We export to 140 countries in the world. It's fantastic."

Join chef Ricardo Larrivée as he roams the Sask. fields and learns why lentils may be the key to a sustainable food future. 


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