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This tiny town in Newfoundland is a global snow crab powerhouse

Join chef Ricardo Larrivée as he tours the Quinlan Bros. plant in Bay de Verde, N.L.
Newfoundland and Labrador is famous not only in Canada but worldwide for its succulent, sweet-tasting snow crab. 3:05

In 2016, Canada exported more than $800 million worth of snow crab around the world. And the largest share of that snow crab passed through tiny Bay de Verde, N.L., home to the Quinlan Bros. processing plant.

"The Newfoundland snow crab fishery, it's a wild harvest fishery," says Robin Quinlan, the company's vice president. He attributes the crab's quality and international demand to the fact that "it's a completely naturally occurring fishery."

Join chef Ricardo Larrivée as he tours the Bay de Verde plant.