We Are The Best

About We are The Best

Chef Ricardo Larrivée is exploring Canada's rich food heritage.

Do you know why Canadians are the best?

WE ARE THE BEST is a series of 52 videos exploring Canada's extraordinary culinary richness. The project is part of a cross-country tour during which Ricardo will discover Canada's very best products that are gaining attention at home and abroad.

The series pays tribute to the creators and entrepreneurs—including producers, farmers, winemakers, fishermen and artisans—who are influencing the country's culinary heritage and shaping its future. The videos will also explore Canada's varied landscapes and celebrate the important contributions of its cultural communities.

Starting January 7th  one new bilingual 3-minute video will be released each week until the end of the year. The content will be accessible to all Canadians free of charge, and distributed on all platforms of RICARDO MEDIA, Radio-Canada and CBC.

WE ARE THE BEST is a Signature project supported by the Government of Canada to mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation and inspire pride across the country in 2017.