True North Calling

Seagull eggs and caribou: a hunting lunch in Nunavut

You can't get more free range and flavourful than Franco and Justin's lunch over a campfire in True North Calling.

Taking Risks – Hunt Lunch

6 years ago
Duration 2:02
Franco and Justin make a lunch of wild seagull eggs, caribou meat and whitefish.

"Seagull eggs are actually one of the more tasty eggs around," says Iqaluit resident Franco Buscemi. He's gathered the eggs from a nearby cliff for a campfire meal.

He's hunting with his friend Justin, a trained chef, who cooks up a feast at their campsite. What's on the menu?

  • The dark orange seagull eggs are fried up with Caribou tunuuq (fat)
  • Caribou meat, caught in Rankin
  • Whitefish netted in Yellowknife

"It's free range, and I mean free range," says Justin. And it doesn't need any salt or spices. It's sweet. "It is what it eats. And it eats a lot of flowers and vegetation and stuff."

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