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Lack of autism resources in Inuvik keeps this family apart

Kylik and his wife had a dream of raising their kids in the bush. But when his youngest daughter developed autism, they were forced to relocate to find support. "All of the sudden you need more!"

A dream to raise a family in the bush cut short due lack of resources for their special needs child.

Taking Risks – Kylik's Family

6 years ago
Duration 1:54
Meet Kylik's family, who had to move from the Northwest Territories to Ontario to get treatment for their daughter Imogen's autism.

When Kylik and his wife Alanna moved to Inuvik, their dream was set up. They would run their seasonal tourism company, travel in the off-season, have a family, and raise their daughters in the bush.

But when their youngest daughter Imogen was born, it became clear that she was different. By the age of three, she was diagnosed with level three autism.  And Inuvik, with its sparse population and struggling economy, simply didn't have the resources to support her.

Alanna moved with the kids to Ontario, and Kylik stays up north. "It's really tough," says Alanna. "He's gone for a very long time. Four months at a time."

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