True North Calling

Four kids, 12 years of marriage. A family life in Iqaluit.

Married for 12 years, Miali and her husband Franco are thriving in Iqaluit, raising family building careers, and nurturing their community.

Miali Buscemi describes her husband Franco, featured on CBC's True North Calling.

Taking Risks – Miali Buscemi

6 years ago
Duration 1:57
Miali Buscemi, Franco's wife, explains what she loves about her husband and how he's a wonderful father to their children.

Video Above: Miali describes her husband Franco.

Although Franco and Miali Buscemi grew up in the same neighbourhood in Iqaluit they didn't actually meet until much later in Ottawa through a mutual friend. "[It's a] small world but sometimes our circle is even smaller," Franco says of the coincidence.

Now married for 12 years their current challenge is long distance. Franco is staying in Iqaluit this year with one of their sons while Miali is working as an actor at Ontario's prestigious Stratford Festival with their two youngest boys. She'll be there for nine months and making her stage debut performing in three different plays during the festival.

The distance is definitely a challenge but, for them, it's worth it. "[We] assess each opportunity as it comes and determine if we can manage it and if the stress of being apart is worth the opportunity," Franco says of their decision. In the meantime they send lots of pictures.

Long term though they really do plan to settle in Iqaluit. "The only reason I ever see us leaving is if we are in a situation beyond our control the forces us to move," Franco says.