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For Shawn dinner is more than food on a plate – it's a life lesson

After a long day of fishing with Kijel, Shawn comes home to make dinner out of their catch. He wants Kijel to know that living off the land is the sustainable and healthy choice.

Living off the Land - Shawn makes dinner

6 years ago
Duration 1:51
After a long day of fishing Shawn makes dinner for his family. It's more than a meal on their plates - it's a life lesson.

Shawn wants a kind of father-son relationship with Kijel that he never had growing up, one full of emotional connection, encouragement and attention. Part of that is to teach Kijel how to live off the land. 

The fourth-generation ice fisherman brings their long, hard, cold day of fishing together on Great Slave Lake full circle by preparing the fish they caught for dinner. "I want him to live in a healthy sustainable north," he says. Adding that for them, food is never just food – "it's a learning lesson."

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