True North Calling


7 myths about living in Canada's North

“The life that I like to live can only be lived up here," says Franco in True North Calling, a series that debunks more than a few myths about life in Canada's North.


Second generation of women breaking northern expedition records

Her mom broke the world record for fastest trek to the North Pole, and she's following in her footsteps. Sure the expeditions are expensive and it can be tiring, for Sarah McNair-Landry, it's all a "labour of love."

Watch True North Calling Episode 5: New Beginnings

A TV producer in Iqaluit struggles to make a show entirely in Inuktituk as the farmers get a long-awaited addition to their home.


For The Jerry Cans, nothing compares to playing Iqaluit's Legion hall

They’ve performed all over the world but nothing compares to playing in their home town. 'Everybody in the room are our friends, our family, our community members… it’s usually a really good party.'


What if 'Wayne's World' met '30 Rock' in Iqaluit?

How do you put a TV show together? For the brains behind the TV show Qanurli, it involved a lot of Googling...and plenty of duct tape.


Seagull eggs and caribou: a hunting lunch in Nunavut

You can't get more free range and flavourful than Franco and Justin's lunch over a campfire in True North Calling.

Watch True North Calling Episode 4: Growing Pains

In Yellowknife, a fisherman tries his hand at something new while farmers struggle to make the most of the summer season.


Meet a Yellowknife fisherman and father, passing down his traditions

As a third-generation fisherman in Yellowknife, N.W.T., Shawn Buckley also takes tourists on fishing trips on Great Slave Lake. But it's his knowledge of commercial fishing that he most wants to pass down to his young son.

7 must-watch movies filmed in Canada's North

From documentaries to shorts to dramatic features, there is no shortage of content coming from northern Canada.

A tiny yurt. Two small kids. Organic farming in Whitehorse.

Kate and Bart run a farm, living in a yurt with their two young children. They are proud that their children will know how to grow their own food, and see another way of living. When Kate's mom visits from the South, she struggles with accepting her daughter's life choices.

Watch True North Calling Episode 3: Next Steps

An Inuvik based tour operator begins a bold new adventure, while in Iqaluit a community leader takes another brave step toward his political career.


For this northerner, starting a business takes perseverance, sacrifice and 3,000 reindeer

"At 16, I jumped on a plane for the very first time and came North. I just feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be."

The most epic way of lighting a bonfire

A bit of a showman, Kylik Kisoun Taylor likes to light a bonfire in his own unique way.


Yukon from above

Watch gorgeous aerial footage from Whitehorse, Yukon.


For Shawn dinner is more than food on a plate – it's a life lesson

After a long day of fishing with Kijel, Shawn comes home to make dinner out of their catch. He wants Kijel to know that living off the land is the sustainable and healthy choice.

Watch True North Calling Episode 2: 'Living off the Land'

A third generation fisherman passes on traditions to his son on Great Slave Lake, while in Whitehorse a pair of organic farmers live entirely off the grid.


Four kids, 12 years of marriage. A family life in Iqaluit.

Married for 12 years, Miali and her husband Franco are thriving in Iqaluit, raising family building careers, and nurturing their community.


Ice fishing fun on Great Slave Lake, N.W.T.

Third-generation fisherman Shawn Buckley passes on traditions to his young, enthusiastic son.

Finding sustainable food in Canada's North

Hunting, farming, and fishing are key to fresh, affordable, sustainable food in Canada's North.


Inuvik from above

Watch gorgeous aerial footage from Inuvik, Northwest Territories.

5 quick facts about fuel in Iqaluit

Fuel is only delivered to the Nunavut capital four months out of the year.

Watch True North Calling Episode 1: 'Taking Risks'

In the series premiere a young man leads change in Iqaluit, while in Inuvik another risks it all for a bold new idea.

10 Nunavummiut Instagrammers to follow

Lifestyle blogger Anubha Momin in Iqaluit, shares her top ten Nunavummiut Instagrammers who are shedding a new light on the North.

About True North Calling

Following the lives of several compelling, resourceful Canadians living across the North, showing what it takes to make it and achieve their dreams, in Canada's toughest terrain.

Men's group in Iqaluit creates positive space and community

Iqaluit renaissance man Franco Buscemi started the group to provide a positive and productive space for the men of the remote northern community.