Canada: The Story of Us

'You feel like you're part of something': Lilly Singh on being Canadian online

Because it's different cheering alone in your room where you're like, 'Yay, Canada!' But then when you're online and you see all these other Canadians cheering you feel like you're part of something, I think that’s very important.

You should look at my Twitter, how many tweets there are like: 'Canada's the best!'

Lilly Singh: Social media and Canadian pride

5 years ago
YouTube star Lilly Singh on how social media spreads Canadian pride. 0:45

In anticipation of the new series Canada: The Story of Us, we asked some influential Canadians for their thoughts their home and national identity. YouTube star Lilly Singh has reached global fame through her wildly popular  ||Superwoman|| channel (11-plus million subscribers strong). She's also is a comedian, an actor, a musician, and writer (her new book, How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life came out this year). 

As an entrepreneur in the digital age, Singh has built her audience by connecting with people around the world. But what, she wonders, did entrepreneurs do before social media?  "I am blown away by the idea of making a change in an environment that did not facilitate change."

Lilly Singh: Women entrepreneurs

5 years ago
YouTube star Lilly Singh talks about what makes her proud to be a woman and an entrepreneur. 0:48

She's also a proud Canadian, and loves to be loud and proud about her country with her fellow online Canucks. "When you're online and you see all these other Canadians cheering, you feel like you're part of something."


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