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PM Trudeau invites you to watch Canada: The Story of Us

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invites you to experience over 400 years of Canadian history in Canada: The Story of Us.

It's Canada's history as you've never seen it before.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Canada: Story of Us

6 years ago
Duration 1:06
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks about the importance of sharing our nation's stories.

Canada: The Story of Us, packs more than 400 years of Canadian history — from the pre-contact civilizations of Turtle Island to Canada becoming the diverse, multicultural society it is today — into 10 exciting hours.

The series takes us to all four corners of the country and introduces us to some of Canadian history's unsung heroes. 

Welcome. Tonight, and throughout the series, we meet some of the extraordinary women and men who've shaped our country's unique character. Perhaps no country has been as successful in finding its strength through cooperation and its identity through acceptance and respect. For generations, we've come together, bridging cultures and communities to seek a more hopeful future for all. And that's not to say Canada's history is perfect. It's not. There are dark chapters in our past that we've only begun to confront. But today we recognize the responsibilities inherited from past generations and entrusted to us by future ones. We know our success is built upon decades of hard work and rooted in Canada's diversity. And we know that a strong, prosperous nation can be as united as it is diverse. I hope that, like me, you'll be inspired by these heroic Canadians so that together we can write the next chapter in the Great Canadian Story.


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