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How can I watch Canada: The Story of Us?

Canada: The Story of Us is available on CBC TV, on the CBC TV app and online.

Where can I find more information about the 10 episodes of Canada: The Story of Us?

Consult the episode guide.

Is Canada: The Story of Us a comprehensive history of Canada?

Canada: The Story of Us is not intended to be a comprehensive history of Canada.

Countless stories have shaped our nation. This series features key moments in Canadian history; it is not meant to be a comprehensive and linear account of our nation's history. Each episode features five stories connected to a theme.

Canada: A People's History is a 32-hour documentary television series on the history of Canada, now available online and on the CBC TV app. It first aired on CBC Television from October 2000 to November 2001.

How did you decide which stories to tell?

Each episode was constructed around a theme that captures some of the characteristics of a given era and reflects a few key events from that period of history. The series tells 50 stories, many unknown to most Canadians. 

These events are documented in primary and secondary sources and/or oral histories – chosen after consultation with key historical consultants, and after in-depth research on the part of the Bristow Global Media's editorial team.

We selected stories that capture the essence of these themes. Stories of unsung heroes and darker tales share the spotlight with well-known figures and stories that offer a fresh perspective on Canadian history.

All stories are dramatic. Characters who lead each story. Who carry a big idea. Who effect change in the nation, their region or who are emblematic of a bigger change driven or experienced by many – for better or for worse.

What steps did you take to make sure Indigenous voices were included in Canada: The Story of Us?

The series includes a range of Indigenous characters who helped shape Canada as we know it today.

While there is not one Indigenous scholar who can speak on behalf of all Indigenous people, Gerald McMaster, Indigenous Arts Scholar, was one of the primary consultants on the series.

How did you decide who would provide information and commentary as part of Canada: The Story of Us?

The series was developed under the guidance of historians and academic consultants, who reviewed and verified characters and helped construct episode themes to showcase a cross-section of important Canadian stories. We're honoured to have collaborated with so many consultants/experts who shared their views with us.

The series also features commentary from more than 80 prominent Canadians who serve as storytellers to help recount the sacrifices, battles and harrowing adventures that helped define the fabric of Canada.

How can I learn more about stories not included in Canada: The Story of Us?

Canada: The Story of Us is only one series in our programming line up for Canada 150. The public broadcaster will be at the heart of Canada's 150th anniversary year, sharing Canadian stories to understand the past, celebrate the present and embrace the future, including the perspectives of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada, whose history extends far beyond these past 150 years. This multiplatform programming offer will take all Canadians on a journey to somewhere they have never been before, while helping them discover a vision of Canada's future together.

How can I share my own story about Canada?

To mark Canada's 150th birthday, CBC has launched a national storytelling project called What's Your Story. We want to help you share personal stories about what defines Canada for you. Many stories will be happy ones. But your stories may include some dark chapters as well.

What steps did you take to make sure indigenous voices were included in this series?

Every effort went into protecting the historical accuracy on each of the 50 unique stories for Canada: The Story of Us. Acclaimed historical consultant Peter Twist (Canada: A People's History) oversaw the series' dramatic recreations on set and worked closely with wardrobe and art departments. Canadian historian Dr. John English and Indigenous arts scholar Gerald McMaster served as primary consultants throughout the entire series on all research, scripting, production and post phases. Micheline Blais and Ann Brascoupe oversaw the casting of all Indigenous roles.

Is Canada: The Story of Us available for schools?

The series will be available to schools on 'Curio', our in house educational streaming service.

Can I watch Canada: The Story of Us outside of Canada?

CBC owns the rights to broadcast this series in Canada only. Viewers in the US can check their local listings.

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