Canada Is ...

Walk through the history of Canadian space exploration with Chris Hadfield

Astronaut Chris Hadfield says Canada has many accomplishments in space to brag about. It began with the launch our first satellite. Today we are a world leader in space robotics.

"Canada started exploring space in 1840."

Canada has built a name for itself in space exploration.

Our journey started with the launch of Alouette in 1962. The innovations that came from building that satellite paved the way for the development of Canadarm and our contributions to the International Space Station.

According to Col. Chris Hadfield, "We are the world's leading robot builder."

Through this animation Hadfield, Canada's first astronaut to walk in space, tells us why "Exploration is Canada."

Canada is ... is an online series produced in collaboration with Thought Café showcasing the many facets of Canadian identity. Leading figures in each field explore how their area relates to Canadian culture and capture a part of what it means to be Canadian.