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Only in Canada? Check out this Bhangra snow removal squad in Halifax

A sweet new way to clear the streets.

A sweet new way to clear the streets.

Shovelling snow is a classic Canadian task, and in Halifax the Maritime Bhangra Group is doing it with style.

The group dropped its latest video today sharing a sweet new way to shovel snow. (And with more cold weather coming to Nova Scotia this week, it's a good time to work on your snowy-street moves.)

The group has been performing around the province for the past three years, and its videos of bhangra dancing in Nova Scotia locations have gone viral before. This winter edition is already picking up steam online, with over 140,000 views on Facebook.

They even stopped by the studios of CBC Radio's Information Morning for a dance lesson back in September:

The Maritime Bhangra Group posted a video on their Facebook page of their dancers performing at Peggys Cove. They gave Information Morning hosts Don Connolly and Louise Renault a dance lesson. 1:27

Earlier this week, a group of 13 students on the other side of the country in Fort St. John, B.C., also posted a snowy bhangra dance:

And that group cites the Maritime Bhangra Group's Peggys Cove video as their inspiration. To the provinces and territories in between Nova Scotia and B.C., it's your turn to take your bhangra moves to the streets! (We're looking at you, Southern Ontario.) 

Learn more about Maritime Bhangra Group and pick up some hot moves for the cold weather at