Becoming Canadian

After a heart attack, a Canadian organ donor saved Mohamad Ghalayini's mom's life

​“My mom isn’t a canadian citizen yet, but the heart she has is the heart of a Canadian.” Mohamad Ghalayini shares his family’s gratitude for Canadian generosity.

Appreciating 'life' in Canada

Mohamad Ghalayini recently became a Canadian citizen.

But the papers are only part of his story.

For him and his family, Canada has been a place od hope and survival.

Mohamad's mother needed a heart transplant, but the family wasn't sure if she would get the organ she needed in time. Finally, they received the news they were waiting for, and his mother was saved.

"We are very thankful for this Canadian. He saved seven people with his organs."

This story is part of Becoming Canadian, a year-long project sharing stories of struggle and triumph from new Canadian citizens. ​To find more stories, follow Canada 2017 on Facebook and @BecomingCDN on Twitter.


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