Becoming Canadian



After meeting a customer on a cruise ship, this man moved his family from the Philippines to Saskatchewan

Romulo Lopez has grabbed every possible opportunity in life — even when it meant relocating his family to Regina, Saskatchewan.

Meet Yusraa Tadj: the 22-year-old new Canadian with friends from 22 nationalities

Yusraa Tadj, a 22-year-old who was born in Florida, lives in Vancouver and became a Canadian citizen on July 26, 2016 in Vancouver, says becoming a Canadian citizen has allowed her to make friends from all over the world.

For Syed Mukhtar, coming to Canada strengthened his bond with his mother

Syed Farrukh Muktar describes the story of his premature birth and being raised by a single mother in Saudi Arabia.

After becoming separated, Sujita Simkhada is building her life in Canada

Sujita Simkhada was born in Nepal and now lives in Scarborough, Ont. She became a Canadian citizen on August 12, 2016.

The chance for a future together in Canada meant years of separation for the Lopez family

Dana Lopez and her father Dany Lopez were born in Philippines and now live in Toronto. Dana became a Canadian citizen on July 1, 2016 in North York, Ontario.

Watch Becoming Canadian: Episode 6

Petey, 88, is proud of all her accomplishments, including her four-person marriage. Now, she adds her Canadian citizenship to the list. Watch her story and more on episode 6 of Becoming Canadian.

Watch Becoming Canadian: Episode 5

Gannon came for love. Kallie lost everything when she arrived. This and more on episode 5 of Becoming Canadian.

Watch Becoming Canadian: Episode 4

Hsa’s family was given a simple choice by his homeland’s oppressive government: flee or die. This and more in episdoe 4 of Becoming Canadian.

Watch Becoming Canadian: Episode 3

Janice came to Canada and found a job and the love of her life at a Tim Hortons. Abimbola realized his dream of bodybuilding in Canada, something he would never have done back in Nigeria. This and more on the latest Becoming Canadian.

Watch Becoming Canadian: Episode 2

Mohamad left war-torn Lebanon to become a medical doctor in Canada. Mo has a career she never would have imagined possible back in China. After leaving Trinidad, Jerome rediscovered his love of soccer in his new home country. After hearing about the ‘politeness’ of Canada, Annabelle and Aidan decided to raise their children here.

Watch Becoming Canadian: Episode 1

Rachel was assigned male at birth, but always knew she was a woman. Ellaha came from an educated family in Afghanistan, but was told by the Taliban that girls could no longer attend school. Kerstin grew up trapped inside East Berlin until the Berlin Wall came down. Syed’s mother was six months pregnant with him when an accident killed his father leaving his mother to raise her two sons.

Moved by his citizenship ceremony, new Canadian encourages old country to follow suit

"I wanted to let people in Finland know how Canada celebrates its new citizens."

Being both Mexican and gay, this new Canadian found the U.S. 'melting pot' oppressive

'I couldn’t share all of me, all the time.'

After a life fleeing persecution, Jemal Yonis's family found peace in Canada

Jemal Yonis was born in Ethiopia and now lives in Halifax. He became a Canadian citizen on August 18, 2016 in Halifax. Before Canada, Jemal, his wife and two daughters lived in Dadaab, the world's largest refugee camp in Kenya.

'Forever grateful:' this new Canadian citizen now feels safe living openly as a woman

Rachel Clark immigrated to Canada from the U.S. and feels Canadians have accepted her as she is.

After a heart attack, a Canadian organ donor saved Mohamad Ghalayini's mom's life

​“My mom isn’t a canadian citizen yet, but the heart she has is the heart of a Canadian.” Mohamad Ghalayini shares his family’s gratitude for Canadian generosity.



For Hsa Kaw Thaw, Canada has made him feel loved and valued after a life of pain and suffering.

“If we stay we die.” Hsa Kaw Thaw shares his story of growing up in a Thai refugee camp and moving to Canada to escape persecution.



Zhen Lui found the kindness of strangers lifted him up just when he needed a helping hand.

“I had two luggage and no one to talk to, and no place to live.” Zhen Lui describes moving to Canada alone as a young student.



From the age of six, Rhys dreamed of playing in the NHL — from all the way in Wales.

Rhys Thomas’ love of hockey made him feel right at home as a teenager coming to Victoria, B.C. from Wales.



Tony Sugarman lives in a small town, and when he discovered it didn’t have its own legion, he did something extraordinary.

“People think I’m mad, it’s a small town.” Tony Sugarman describes re-opening the legion in Southey, Saskatchewan to help veterans like himself who suffer from PTSD.



In Canada, Jerome Phillip met the love of his life playing the sport he loves.

“An angel was sent to me — that angel is my wife.” Jerome Phillip describes finding love on — and off — the Canadian soccer fields.



Canada allowed Abimbola Aina to accomplish his life-long passion of becoming a bodybuilder.

“Anything you have in Nigeria is not permanent.” Abimbola describes his journey to becoming Canadian and accomplishing his dream of being a professional bodybuilder.



In Afghanistan, Ellaha Nesar Ahmad was deterred from getting an education, but now she cherishes taking her kids to school.

“I was six years old when the Taliban came and shut all the doors of schools for girls.” Ellaha Nesar Ahmad describes the struggles she overcame to receive a ‘secret education’ in Afghanistan.

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Shirley Guevremont was a dancer in Ghana when a Canadian drummer stole her heart

Shirley Guevremont was born in Ghana and lives in Montreal. She became a Canadian citizen on October 14, 2016 in Montreal. Shirley came to Canada because that's where love brought her.