Rignam Wangkhang

Rignam Wangkhang is an award-winning Tibetan-Canadian multimedia producer with the CBC. He is currently a Producer at the CBC Creator Network, which seeks to improve the relevancy of the public broadcaster by discovering and developing the work of independent filmmakers and digital content creators across Canada. He was elected to Chair DiversifyCBC, an Employee Resource Group that represents over 350 people of colour to advocate for inclusion at the CBC. He has produced documentaries, essays, and reported for the CBC from Yellowknife, Winnipeg, and Toronto.

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Confidence blooms thanks to flower shop program for students with special needs at Winnipeg school

A new program at Garden City Collegiate is bringing kids with special needs together with other students to create an in-school flower shop.

Winnipeg bhangra teacher 'mesmerized' by excitement of students learning about Punjabi culture through dance

When Ranveer Brar learned bhangra through Indian dance coaches, he connected on a deeper level with his Punjabi culture and heritage. Now he's passing on his passion for bhangra and Punjabi culture to the next generation of aspiring dancers.

Google mistakenly labels local Ethiopian restaurant permanently closed

Owner of Harman's Cafe looking for answers after search results confused regulars, possibly cost her business.

'It cost him his life': Father warns of fentanyl danger after son found dead on Christmas Eve

Larry Hobson’s son Jeremy was found dead on Christmas Eve in what he suspects is an accidental fentanyl overdose. He was 21-years-old.

Wasagamack kids ready to make music — but first, they need instruments

Like many Manitoba youngsters, kids in Wasagamack First Nation are hoping to hole up with an instrument and learn to play music this winter. The problem is, they don't have instruments to play with.

What is a real man in the #MeToo era?

The #MeToo movement has ushered in a new era of awareness around sexual harassment and the way male privilege exploits power.

Police need 'to back off' building new station on North End field: Coun. Ross Eadie

Calling the consultations "a farce" and "fake," two North End community leaders are making a Hail-Mary pass to keep a new mega police station from being built at the expense of green space at the Old Exhibition Grounds.
Personal Essay

My dad was the Tibetan 'Godfather' — what am I?

Rignam Wangkhang's father wasn't just a newcomer to Canada — he was a trailblazer.

Indigenous consultations, protecting environment key to new N.W.T. mining act, says public

The territorial government has begun the process of creating its first made-in-the-N.W.T. mining act. On Monday the first of many public engagement sessions was held in Yellowknife.

Hammock used by autistic child stolen in Yellowknife, but community response restores faith

'It was really just quite sad and devastating,' says Gracie Cameron who had her family's hammock stolen from the backyard.