Chris Chang-Yen Phillips

Chris Chang-Yen Phillips is the Historian Laureate for the City of Edmonton and News Coordinator at CJSR 88.5 FM. He also produces a monthly history podcast called Let's Find Out where he asks Edmontonians for questions about local history, and then they find out the answers together.

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When a Vimy veteran is your first Canadian landlord

What one Scottish immigrant learned about Canada from moving into a Vimy veteran's basement: "you have to hear it from one of the veterans themselves."

This Canadian radio pioneer dreamed of 'words without wires'

Reginald Fessenden demonstrated that sound — not simply Morse code — could be transmitted over radio, leading the way for radio broadcasting.

This Canadian birth control trailblazer wasn't afraid to play the 'devil'

Canada's first birth control clinic needed a medical director — and Dr. Elizabeth Bagshaw had the right mix of gender, expertise and defiance.

This Canadian girl's school project gave non-verbal kids a new voice

Some kids write about great inventions and move on. At 11, Rachel Zimmerman Brachman was busy with her own inventions.

How many people does it take to invent a light bulb? At least two Canadians

It’s no coincidence that Thomas Edison’s triumphant light bulb design used a carbon filament. He bought the patent rights to a breakthrough by two Canadians.

Canadians invented the garbage bag. Can we solve the mess they made?

Canadians used to wrap garbage in paper and steam clean metal cans. Three men found a solution for the 20th century — but now we need one for the 21st.

Canada wasn't ready for unsung physicist Harriet Brooks — and it's our loss

Physicist Harriet Brooks broke a lot of ground in a hostile field before the age of 31. We can only imagine what she would have achieved if her career hadn't been cut short.

Canada's first licensed female doctor had to swallow many bitter pills

The story of Dr. Jennie Kidd Trout shows why it's seldom pleasant to be a pioneer.

Meet the Canadian engineer who casually invented the pacemaker

In an era when doctors and engineers didn't really collaborate, a well-timed request led to a medical breakthrough.

What might Canada have been like without Viola Desmond?

Is history made by extraordinary people, or by the movements and moments around them? Viola Desmond's story suggests it might be both.