ZeD website, from 2004

ZeD website, from 2004


ZeD debuts

from CBC.ca archives
Sat, 20 Apr 2002

The Vancouver-based convergent TV/internet initiative known as �ZeD beta v0.1� makes a soft launch at zed.cbc.ca and on late night television.

The project, billed as �CBC Television�s launch pad for creative expression,� is an eclectic mix of new artists, short films and public input, which helps shape the show. More than 50,000 creative uploads are eventually submitted before the show�s cancellation in 2006.

Toronto Star media critic Antonia Zerbisias praises the program as revolutionary and risk-taking, arguing that ZeD represents, "things public broadcasting should be about: non-commercial innovation and experimentation, interaction with the audience and contributions from young filmmakers."

Conversely, the highly critical CBC Watch website was happy to see ZeD�s sometimes racy content off the airwaves, saying that, �CBC's ZeD will mostly be remembered for taking the 'L' out of public broadcasting.�

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