Newsworld Online delivers breaking news

from CBC.ca archives
Wed, 3 Jul 1996

During the 1996 fall season launch, CBC Newsworld unveils its new internet site at www.newsworld.cbc.ca, described as, �Canada�s first up-to-the-minute, online TV news service with real-time video.�

For the first time, breaking news stories and headlines grace a major CBC site, though they are limited to three �top stories� and a few other reports. News content is updated between noon and 7 p.m.

�There�s no doubt about it � the landscape of news reporting is about to change. And CBC Newsworld is going to be Canada�s first and foremost important contributor to the new era of the internet,� says CBC president Perrin Beatty.

CBC Television video content is also offered, using the VDOLive Player. The site is sponsored by IBM.

Media coverage is positive. �Boon for the international traveller," wrote the Toronto Star. But it was also suggested that the move was a way for Newsworld to get a headline news channel without a CRTC license.

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