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  1. Robert McMynn says they felt powerless during their grandson's disappearance because police didn't want his parents communicating with anyone or leave the family home in Vancouver.
  2. The catfish's neck is especially flexible, with specialized vertebrae that allow it hold its head up out of the water.
  3. The victims, whose bodies were found in a farmer's field near Sheddon, and the suspects were all linked to the Bandidos biker gang, Ontario Provincial Police confirmed Monday.
  4. Police were expected to disclose more information at news conference later Wednesday.
  5. "With crude prices forcast to remain strong for the remainder of the year, consumers can expect, on average, higher pump prices than last year," MJ Ervin analyst Cathy Hay told CBC News Online.
  6. "That's a revolving door that would make the trade minister's head spin," Brian Murphy, the MP of Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe MP charged.
  7. "We have an agreement in principal. It contemplates a process that will convert that agreement in principal into a final binding agreement. We would expect that to be adhered to."
  8. In Bolivia, the indigenous former cocoa farmer Evo Morales, who also campaigned against foreign investors, won the presidential vote in December 2005.
  9. The mission is aimed in part at stimulating the isolation of space, since construction hasn't yet been completed at the International Space Station.
  10. Scientists had already observed the two black holes using radio telescopes, but new data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory show how the two are bound by gravity and orbiting around each other.
  11. Bingley identified the vehicles as:
    • A grey Pontiac Grand Prix.
    • A silver Infiniti sport utility vehicle.
    • A green Chevrolet Silverado tow truck.
    • A silver Volkswagon Golf.
  12. However, there will be no vote on the mission. The discussion is being characterized as a "take-note" debate to allow politicians to express there views.
  13. In a 172-report released on Friday, Ted Hughes said what the system needs most is stability, particularly among senior management.
  14. The vessel also had a large amount of building cargo on board There are reports that the owner was arrested.
  15. "An April Bank of Canada rate hike was already a done deal, and the strength of the labour market will lead to talk about the need for additional tightening beyond their next move," said CIBC World Markets economist Warren Lovely, in a morning commentary.
  16. “And look from our standpoint, we're a minority party, I want to encourage the government to reach beyond it's own partisan stripe."
  17. The deaths were blamed on fueding Irish settlers, and the story later became the subject of several books and a play.
  18. Some been held there for more than four years.
  19. Retired firefighters Bryce Gilfillan and Karl Bessler, who support the harassment allegations by the Richmond female firefighters, have testified in affadavits about what they heard was going on in the '70s.
  20. It was the first funeral for any of the victims, who were found on Saturday morning in two aban doned vehicles in a farmer's field near Shedden, 200 kilometres southwest of Toronto.

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