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Must Watch - 10 videos

  • Duration 2:01

    Chinese warship nearly hits U.S. destroyer in Taiwan Strait

    The National20 hours ago
  • Duration 0:54

    ‘It was really special’: New Brunswick man describes being on top of the world

    CBC News New Brunswick1 day ago
  • Duration 0:54

    Why are crows swooping, swiping and divebombing people for seemingly no reason?

    3 days ago
  • Duration 9:48

    Wealthsimple’s ‘scrappy’ start in a bachelor apartment

    The National15 days ago
  • Duration 5:07

    Living on the edge of homelessness and facing eviction

    The National19 days ago
  • Duration 3:03

    Wildfire evacuees near Halifax allowed to view their losses

    The National3 days ago
  • Duration 9:29

    Putin’s most dangerous henchman

    The National4 months ago
  • Duration 8:06

    The tiny homes making a massive difference

    The National1 month ago
  • Duration 1:25

    #TheMoment superfan goes viral cheering on Canadian cyclist at Giro D'Italia

    The National3 days ago
  • Duration 8:50

    Sports betting has gone full throttle, but has it gone too far?

    The National5 days ago

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