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CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Steve NordickYP40545.51% X
Jorn MeierNDP29733.37%
Steve TaylorLIB13214.83%
Glen EverittIND566.29%
October 10, 10:01:08 PM PDT 7 of 7 polls reporting

Klondike (2)

YP: Steve Nordick
LIB: Steve Taylor
NDP: Jorn Meier
IND: Glen Everitt
Riding Profile:
Most voters in the Klondike riding live in and around Dawson City. The Yukon River runs through the heart of the riding, which covers a large geographical area bordered by the Eagle Plains Lodge to the north, the state of Alaska to the west and the White River to the south. Its eastern edge parallels the Dempster Highway.

Dawson City has a population of 1,827 (December 2005), down from the 2,059 people who lived there in 1998. Tourism, based on the region's rich gold-rush history, is one of the economic mainstays of the region. Placer gold mining continues to be a vibrant industry on the surrounding creeks. There is also some salmon fishing, farming, subsistence hunting and trapping. The Tr'ondek Hwech'in First Nation is playing a bigger role since finalizing its land claim.

A new town council, elected in 2006, has been given authority to govern affairs in the municipality, after the former council was fired in April 2004 for financial mismanagement. Debt relief, a new sewage system and a bridge will also be issues in the election campaign.

Riding Map:
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Political History:
Dawson hotel owner Peter Jenkins easily held on to the Klondike riding for the Yukon Party in 2002, a seat he has held since 1996. In late 2005, he left the party to sit as an Independent, giving up his posts as deputy premier and minister of health and social services. At issue was a government loan his business had not then paid back. The outstanding debt has since been settled. Before Jenkins became the MLA, David Millar won the seat for the Yukon Party in 1992. He defeated incumbent NDP cabinet minister Art Webster, who had held the seat since 1985.

2002: Incumbent PETER JENKINS (YP) captured 508 votes, compared with 224 for GLENN EVERITT (LIB) and 200 for LISA HUTTON (NDP). There were 1,099 eligible voters, with a turnout of 85 per cent.
2000: Incumbent PETER JENKINS (YP) won a mere 27 votes more than his main rival, STUWART SCHMIDT (LIB), capturing 424 to 397. AEDES SCHEER (NDP) came third, with 249 votes. There were 1,233 eligible voters, with a turnout of 87 per cent.
1996: PETER JENKINS (YP) won with 603 votes, compared with 372 for TIM GERBERDING (NDP), 96 for GLEN EVERITT (LIB) and 21 for JOHN CRAMP (IND). There were 1,298 eligible voters with a turnout of 85 per cent.

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Riding Profiles

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