The Very Good Adventures of Yam Roll in Happy Kingdom

When�s the last time you saw a piece of Sushi wearing cowboy boots? Too long? Then it�s time you met Yam Roll. Not only does he wear some sweet cowboy boots, but he also stars in his own show and races around in a taxi. How�s that for fast food!

Happy Kingdom is the happiest place on earth, and home to Yam Roll and his sushi buddies. Life couldn�t be sweeter, well, except for the occasional attack from hideous monsters that look to wreak havoc on the defenseless Happy Kingdom. To make matters worse, the monsters always seem to be after Minamiko, Yam Roll�s one and only true love. But fear not, Yam Roll can do a lot more than drive a cab. He�s always ready to rescue his darling from danger, even if it means a food-fight.

Watch Yam Roll Saturday mornings on CBC Television! (except in BC and YT)

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