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World Headlines

Analysis From dreaded possibility to looming eventuality — Brexit is here: Nahlah Ayed
As official notice of Brexit is given, the feared consequences are already being felt: some EU workers affected aren't waiting to find out what happens, and are moving on. Some have stopped coming to Britain. Both trends have started causing problems for employers, Nahlah Ayed reports.
Special Report A country without cash: Zimbabwe is so desperate it's selling off its elephants
After nearly 40 years of Robert Mugabe’s rule, Zimbabwe is broke — so broke that it’s selling its elephants. CBC News explores the dying days of a dictatorship that continues to punish its people.
'The house literally collapsed on us': Mosul airstrikes that killed hundreds of civilians condemned video
The United Nations and Amnesty International are sounding the alarm over the rising number of Mosul residents killed by coalition and Iraqi forces as the battle to free Iraq's second largest city continues.
New Wife of French presidential candidate François Fillon also under investigation
The faltering campaign of French presidential candidate François Fillon suffered another setback on Tuesday when magistrates placed his wife under formal investigation over allegations that he paid her for a fake parliamentary job.
Analysis 'The White House is in disarray': Trump struggles to find 'easy win' after health-care dud
Most of Donald Trump's achievements so far have come via executive orders, proclamations and appointments. Lacking any legislative victories following the health-care bill implosion, tackling tax reform may not be a recipe for that kind of success.