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World Headlines

Greece pushes on with referendum plan as Europe rebuffs latest offer video
Greece's government has made new concessions in talks with its creditors, though some European officials said they were still not good enough and that a deal was nevertheless impossible before a Greek referendum on Sunday.
Chris Christie aims to turn high-school glory into U.S. presidency
One of the Republican Party's best communicators, N.J. Gov. Chris Christie is the latest stalwart to join the growing crowd vying for the presidential nomination. If it hadn't been for "Bridgegate" two years ago, his would have been much clearer sailing.
Who or what is burning black churches in the U.S.? Arsonists or accidents?
Another predominantly black church congregation in South Carolina is vowing to be resilient after a place of worship was set ablaze and investigators set out to determine if it was on purpose. A string of recent fires has prompted some on social media to ask: Who is burning black churches?
New Lynne Russell, journalist, describes brush with death after 'gun battle'
A cross-country road trip got derailed for a former CNN anchor and her husband after a would-be robber forced his way into their motel room and a shootout ensued.
Same-sex marriage: Alabama counties ordered to issue gay marriage licences
A small number of Alabama counties that are still refusing to grant gay marriages must abide by court decisions allowing same-sex unions, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.