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World Headlines

Hong Kong leader ignores protesters in speech to mark Chinese holiday video
Hong Kong's embattled leader attended a flag-raising Wednesday to mark China's National Day after refusing to meet with protesters who threatened to expand pro-democracy demonstrations unless he resigns and the Chinese leadership agrees to broader electoral reforms.
Special Report Ebola virus in Liberia creates body recovery dangers
The wail of an ambulance doesn't always mean help is on the way in Liberia's capital. Instead, it often signals the arrival of a "dead body management team" tasked with safely collecting and disposing of the corpses of people who died in confirmed or suspected cases of Ebola.
New Malcolm Young of AC/DC suffering from dementia, band confirms
AC/DC rhythm guitarist and founding member Malcolm Young is suffering from dementia, the band has confirmed in reports.
White House intruder case another Secret Service lapse video
The director of the U.S. Secret Service faced an onslaught of questions from U.S. legislators on Tuesday who demanded to know why a man was able to jump the White House fence on Sept.19 and get inside the building. It's the latest in a string of embarassing security lapses and incidents of misconduct.
Analysis Look around, ISIS's acolytes are just apprentices at atrocity
The civil war in the Congo has claimed over five million lives and offered up some of the worst atrocities of any age. So why again are we focusing so much more attention on ISIS, Neil Macdonald asks.