Saira's Round-Up on Naked Scanners

January 6, 2010

Next time you take a flight you could be subjected to a full-body scan.
The government says full-body scanners, that can see through a passenger's clothes, are coming to airports in a number of Canadian cities.
That includes Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver.
The system allows a screening officer to see whether someone is carrying explosives.
The ramped up airport security here and in the U-S comes after an alleged terrorist tried to blow up a plane headed for Detroit on Christmas day.
But privacy advocates say the scanners are invasive.
The Huffington Post has an article on concerns in the U.K. about whether the machines violate child pornography laws.
The European Union is meeting this week to talk about whether the scanners should be introduced in airports across Europe.
The Sydney Morning Herald has an article on similar privacy concerns there.

So what's your take ? Are you concerned about privacy? Or will the scanners actually make flying safer for us all ?
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Saira Syed

Peter Armstrong

Peter Armstrong