January 27, 2010

Technology and gadget fans will finally get the answer today.
Apple will reveal its "latest creations" at a press event in San Francisco.
Speculation is, the widely anticipated Apple tablet will be among them.
Like the iPhone and the iPod before it - the announcement of the new product has been shrouded in mystery.
We know Apple has been in talks with the New York Times, NewsCorp and other media companies.
So the tablet is likely to have an e-reader component to access books, newspapers and magazines.
That has the New York Times guessing at whether it could help save the print industry.
Traditional media outlets have been struggling with how to make money with their online content.
The Guardian says - from home entertainment to gaming - the device could change the way we do just about everything.
One thing's for sure - it's going to be pretty and everyone is going to want one.
You can watch the Apple announcement live here.

Saira Syed

Saira Syed


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