Afghanistan Strategy

December 1, 2009

US President Barack Obama will unveil his strategy for Afghanistan today.
He'll make a prime-time address from the military academy at West Point
The Washington Post is reporting that Obama is set to deploy 34-thousand new troops
And that he'll ask NATO to deploy an additional five thousand soldiers
Meanwhile, the Guardian newspaper in the UK reports the US is trying to find ways to by-pass the much criticized government of Hamid Karzai

The Afghan presidential palace says Karzai and Obama spoke for an hour in advance of today's announcement

Several news outlets indicate part of the new US strategy will see money going directly to provincial and district levels instead of funnelling through the president's office

White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs would only say today's speech is set to change American engagement in Afghanistan

"It's time for a new chapter in our relationship as it relates to corruption and improved governance," he said in a briefing yesterday.

Obama spoke with world leaders yesterday to brief them on the new US strategy

Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke with Vice President Joe Biden

Peter Armstrong

Peter Armstrong