Afghan troop surge - the world reacts

December 2, 2009

As expected, U.S. President Barack Obama will send 30,000 more American soldiers to Afghanistan, beginning early next year. He's moving quickly, but also plans to get out quickly - by 2011. The New York Times has a thorough report on the speech, context and American reaction.

You can watch the speech and read the transcript on

And, CBC's Michael Colton has a great piece on World Report today. Just click on "Related Audio" to hear it.

International reaction is coming in - NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen spoke in Brussels this morning. He's backing Obama, saying he expects the non-U.S. members of the Afghanistan mission to send at least 5,000 more soldiers.

The U.K.'s Guardian newspaper has a column about whether Obama had "a Churchill moment"

As for Canada's reaction, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon says more military resources from the U.S. are a welcome addition.

He says that Canada remains committed to ending its military role in Afghanistan by 2011.

Nicole Ireland, Producer, World Report

Nicole Ireland, Producer, World Report