Berlin Wall

November 9, 2009

"Mr. Gorbachev... tear down this Wall!"

Iconic words by the late U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Click here to watch that speech.

Today, world leaders gather to mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel grew up in East Germany. This morning she retraced the same steps she took the night the Wall came down 20 years ago -- across the first bridge that opened.

She calls it a day of celebration. There are a number of festivities planned for tonight. But during the day today, it's been a time of reflection. And questions about whether the divide -- in an economic and quality of life sense -- has really been removed between East and West Germany.

Scroll down and listen to our latest cast for Tom Parry's report from Berlin...

And, check out CBC's Web special on the Berlin Wall. There's an interactive Wall, timeline, video and features on the real people affected.

The New York Times has a good slideshow of today's events. Check it out here.

Nicole Ireland, Producer, World Report

Nicole Ireland, Producer, World Report