Fashion Week in Pakistan

November 8, 2009

We've reported a lot on the devastating violence in Pakistan in recent weeks. Suicide attacks are rampant, and the Pakistani army is in the midst of a major onslaught to root out insurgents in the country's border region with Afghanistan.

That means security fears are always top of mind during any major event. But that didn't stop Pakistan's first-ever Fashion Week in Karachi. The four-day event was postponed twice -- but finally got going last week and wrapped up this weekend.

Organizers say security was tight - but they wanted to show the world that Pakistan is about more than violence. Check out the coverage on Reuters and in the Telegraph .

And to hear the mood as the models worked the catwalk, listen to World Report throughout the morning -- or scroll down to download our latest show.

Nicole Ireland, Producer, World Report

Nicole Ireland, Producer, World Report