Welcome to the new World Report

October 24, 2009
Welcome to the new World Report.

Welcome to the new World Report.

As of Monday, World Report is a new, fresh program. We've worked hard over the past few months to make some changes. World Report has always been about setting the news agenda, bringing you the most important stories of the morning when you wake up, and giving you the depth to help you understand the world, in a way no other news service can. We're committed, more than ever, to doing that. But we're also doing it with a more modern approach, with a quicker pace. And we're now able to be more responsive to breaking news than we used to be.

The single biggest change you'll notice however, is our host. Peter Armstrong is an experienced journalist, who has reported the news from all over Canada and overseas for CBC. He's now bringing all his skills into the studio to make sure you know what's going on, no matter where it's happening.

On the weekend, Martina Fitzgerald, another experienced journalist, and a familiar voice for many, will host the program.

We're also giving you more ways to hear World Report. In most regions of the country, you can now hear us at 5 a.m. every weekday (those of you in the Atlantic region will still hear us first at 6 a.m.). Of course, you can listen to any of the seven editions we produce - live - every day at www.cbc.ca/radio. And if you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, getting the free CBC Radio app makes it super-easy to listen to us.

The other change we're making is the way we connect with you. It's all about transparency. We want to let you in on what's catching our attention, what we're reading, how our correspondents gather stories, and how we make journalistic decisions. We'll be constantly updating all that here on the World Report blog, as well as on Twitter. You can follow the program at @CBCWorldReport. You can also follow Senior Producer David Michael Lamb at @arcticlamb.

And you can email us at worldreport@cbc.ca.

Thanks for listening.

David Michael Lamb

David Michael Lamb

Senior Producer, World Report.


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