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Updated Gaza conflict: Palestinian death toll tops 1,300 as school, mall hit video
Israeli strikes hit a crowded shopping area in Gaza City Wednesday, hours after tank shells tore through the walls of a UN school crowded with war refugees in one of the deadliest days yet in the three week conflict.
Analysis The 100-year conflict that is the First World War video audio
It was a hundred years ago Friday when Europe's crumbling empires let loose "the guns of August" and plunged the globe into the First World War. As Brian Stewart writes, that reckless dance into the abyss set the stage for our times.
Ebola outbreak: Liberia closes schools, U.K. holds crisis meeting video
British officials have held a crisis meeting and warned of a potentially serious threat if the deadly Ebola virus spreads further, as Liberia closed schools across the country Wednesday, the toughest measures yet imposed by a West African government in a bid to halt the outbreak.
Drinking too much soda could affect adolescent memory, ability to learn video
Drinking too much soda could impair teenagers' ability to learn and remember information, according to new research.
Video 2 women survive ordeal along Indiana rail bridge video
A video camera captured the terrifying plight of two women who became trapped on an 80-foot-high railroad bridge in Indiana when a freight train surprised them as they walked along the tracks.
Turkish women mock no laughing request from senior official
Hundreds of Turkish women posted pictures of themselves laughing on Twitter on Wednesday to protest against comments by Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc who had urged women not to laugh in public to "protect moral values."
Richard Dawkins's rape, pedophelia logic tweets ignite 'Twitter storm'
Biologist and best-selling author Richard Dawkins ignited what he calls "a bizarre Twitter storm" after providing some controversial examples about date rape and pedophilia to prove a logic argument.
Updated U.S. GDP grew at 4% rate in second quarter
After a dismal winter, the U.S. economy sprang back to life in the April-June quarter, growing at a fast 4 percent annual rate on the strength of higher consumer and business spending.
Orlando Bloom reportedly tried to punch Justin Bieber in Spain
Canadian pop star-cum international bad boy Justin Bieber has got the gossip-sphere abuzz once again this week after reportedly getting into a scuffle with actor Orlando Bloom.
Updated Ukraine: Clashes prevent visit to MH17 debris site
Almost two weeks after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 went down, clashes on Wednesday between Ukrainian forces and separatist rebels again prevented international experts from reaching the crash site — deepening frustration for victims' relatives and the governments whose citizens died.
Jesse Ventura passage to be removed from Navy SEAL's book
The passage from the best-selling memoir American Sniper that sparked former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura's defamation lawsuit will be removed, HarperCollins said Wednesday.
Google Glass used by Teatro Lirico di Cagliari to stream opera
Ever wonder what an opera looks and sounds like from the soprano's perspective on the stage? You'll have the chance to find out for the first time this afternoon.
Plane crashes are more survivable than ever
Concerns prompted by the recent spate of fatal airplane mishaps overshadow the overall improvements to airplane safety over the years and the survivability of many crashes, aviation experts say.
Theodore Van Kirk, last Enola Gay crew member, dead at 93 video
The last surviving member of the U.S. crew that dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, hastening the end of the Second World War and moving the world into the atomic age, has died.
Usain Bolt backtracks on Commonwealth Games comments video
Usain Bolt used the words "nonsense" and "lies" Wednesday to describe a report by the Times of London that quoted him as saying he was "not really" having fun in Glasgow and the Commonwealth Games were "a bit shit."
Photos UCLA campus floods after burst water pipe spills 30 million litres
The campus of UCLA found itself suddenly steeped in water and chaos after a major water pipe burst and spewed some 30 million litres, stranding people in parking garages and flooding the school's storied basketball court.
Ukraine crisis: U.S., EU, Canada announce new sanctions against Russia
The United States, the European Union and Canada all announced a tightening of sanctions against Russia on Tuesday over the continuing crisis in Ukraine and Russia's suspected involvement in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.
Khmer Rouge tribunal paves way for genocide trial
A UN-backed tribunal on Wednesday began a hearing to prepare for the genocide trial of the two senior surviving leaders of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge, under whose rule an estimated 1.7 million people died in the late 1970s from starvation, exhaustion, disease and execution.
Argentina, on verge of debt default, meeting with U.S. bondholders
Argentina was in a race against time on Wednesday to cut a deal by the end of the day with holdout investors suing it or win a reprieve from a U.S. court, as a surge in the country's bond prices fed optimism that an agreement was possible.
NATO's Canadian commander in Libya 'disappointed' with lack of progress video
Retired lieutenant-general Charles Bouchard, former commander of the NATO-led mission in Libya, told CBC News he had hoped more would have been done to support the Libyan people in their transition toward democracy and stability once the military intervention ended.