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Trump blasts Sessions again as White House staff give attorney general little cover
Donald Trump launched a fresh Twitter tirade Tuesday against the man who was the first U.S. senator to endorse his candidacy, Jeff Sessions, with White House communications staff admitting relations were strained between the president and the attorney general.
Survivor recalls horrific scene inside tractor-trailer in Texas human smuggling case
Sweating profusely in the rising oven-like heat of the tractor-trailer, passengers started crying and pleading for water. Children whimpered. People took turns breathing through a single hole in the wall.
Israel dismantles metal detectors at Jerusalem holy site
Israel has dismantled metal detectors it installed a week ago at a contested Jerusalem shrine, hoping to defuse a crisis with the Muslim world, including security ally Jordan, the Muslim custodian of the holy site.
Mexico built 16% more cars in first half of 2017, bucking slowdown in U.S. and Canada
After six consecutive months of record output, Mexico now makes more than one out of every five vehicles built in North America, new numbers from autotomotive organization Ward's shows.
Trump gives rambling campaign-style speech to Boy Scouts of America video
After another challenging day in Washington, U.S. President Donald Trump flew to West Virginia to a field full of 40,000 chanting and cheering boy scouts, telling them he was happy to leave "the sewer" behind.
Handbag-maker Michael Kors finds its perfect pair in Jimmy Choo purchase worth $1.3B
American fashion brand Michael Kors is buying luxury shoemaker Jimmy Choo in a deal worth $1.35 billion US
Al-Qaeda-linked forces seize control in northern Syria as shaky ceasefire tested
Rebels and activists are warning that an al-Qaeda-linked group is on the verge of snuffing out what remains of the country's uprising in northwestern Syria, as deaths are reported in the Eastern Ghouta despite a ceasefire.
John McCain to vote on Republican health care plan despite brain cancer fight
U.S. Senator John McCain will make a return to the American capitol on Tuesday to play what could be a crucial role in keeping Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare afloat.
Adobe to pull plug on Flash, ending an era
Adobe Systems Inc.'s Flash, a once-ubiquitous technology used to power most of the media content found online, will be retired at the end of 2020, the software company announced Tuesday.
Jailed Volkswagen exec to plead guilty in U.S. diesel scandal
A German Volkswagen executive who has been in a Michigan jail for months plans to plead guilty in the company's U.S. emissions scandal, a court spokesman said Tuesday.
Despacito singers veto Venezuelan leader's campaign remix
There's a new take on the hit Latin pop song Despacito. And this one, a remix touting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, is not garnering accolades from its producers.
How big rigs are seen as 'VIP treatment' in human smuggling: you're less likely to be raped
Big rigs emerged as a popular smuggling method in the early 1990s amid a surge in U.S. border enforcement in San Diego and El Paso, Texas, which were then the busiest corridors for illegal crossings.
Trump's son-in-law says he didn't collude with Russians, does not 'rely' on Russian financing video
Jared Kushner, U.S. President Donald Trump's son-in-law and a senior White House adviser, made rare public comments on Monday, asserting he "did not collude" with Russia and had roughly four meetings with Russian officials during the 2016 campaign and presidential transition.
U.S. army medic has no regrets about saving Omar Khadr's life
Former U.S. army medic Donnie Bumanglag, in a series of Canadian Press interviews and in a podcast he co-hosts, said he doesn't regret saving Omar Khadr's life in 2002.
The $5 T-shirt that could get you detained in Turkey
A pair of teenagers are the latest in a series of Turks pulled into police custody for wearing a mass-market message-T. Authorities believe the T-shirt signals support for those allegedly behind last summer’s failed coup.
Why a Canadian's 'bullet hole-ridden' Brooklyn bar is stoking racial backlash
In Brooklyn's predominantly black Crown Heights neighbourhood, the Canadian owner of a "boozy sandwich shop" has become a lightning rod for cultural rage, after she was accused of fetishizing the area’s violent past for profit.
South African child remains AIDS free without ongoing drug treatment, researchers say
A South African child born with HIV has surprised experts by appearing to be effectively cured after just a year of treatment, followed by 8½ years drug free, but experts say the majority of people infected with the virus that causes AIDS requires ongoing treatment.
Man known to police injures 5 in chainsaw attack in Switzerland video
A man armed with a chainsaw wounded five people at a health insurer's office Monday in the northern Swiss city of Schaffhausen, police said, triggering a manhunt for a suspect described as aggressive and psychologically unstable.
Truck driver charged as death toll rises to 10 in Texas human smuggling case
U.S. federal authorities say a 10th person has died after dozens were discovered in the back of a tractor-trailer in San Antonio, Texas. Police have charged the truck's driver in what they're calling a case of human smuggling.
'Dear Chester, our hearts are broken:' Linkin Park posts message after singer's death
Chester Bennington's Linkin Park bandmates have issued their first official statement since the frontman's death last week.
Trump urges Republicans to 'do the right thing' and repeal Obamacare
U.S. President Donald Trump made a last-ditch plea to U.S. Senate Republicans on Monday to "do the right thing" and fulfil seven years of campaign promises to repeal and replace former president Barack Obama's signature health-care law.
At least 26 dead in suicide bombing in eastern Pakistan
A suicide bomber struck near a police team in the eastern city of Lahore Monday killing at least 26 and wounded another 54, many of them police officers, an official said.
Israeli guard opened fire at embassy after being attacked, foreign ministry says
Israel's Foreign Ministry said on Monday that a security guard at the country's embassy in Jordan opened fire, killing two Jordanians, after being attacked by one of them with a screwdriver.
Polish president to veto bills seen as assault on judicial independence
Poland's president says he will veto two contentious bills that are widely seen as assaults on the independence of the judicial system and are part of a planned legal overhaul by the ruling party that has sparked days of nationwide protests.
19 Russians entered in athletics worlds, but country's colours will stay home
Russia plans to send 19 athletes to the track and field world championships in London next week despite its suspension from international competition for widespread doping.
Sergey Kislyak, Russian ambassador at centre of U.S. election controversy, ends term
Russian ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak — a high-profile figure in the controversy over alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election — has concluded his assignment in Washington, the embassy announced Saturday.