David Rakoff Tribute

Photo credit: <a href='http://www.marionettlinger.com/' target='blank'>Marion Ettlinger</a>

Photo credit: Marion Ettlinger


Special Focus

After the tragic loss of writer and friend David Rakoff, we revisit some of our favourite moments from his WireTap performances over the years: Irwin the ice cream man, Ian the belligerent drunk, and his unforgettable Dr Seuss.

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For more classic WireTap performances by David Rakoff, follow the episode links below. 

Of Time, Space and Money - David as a performance artist in Brooklyn (skip to 9:09)
Rainy Day Blues - David as a customer service rep for the Trimco 3000 (skip to 10:15)
Who is the Mud Dog? - David as Stuart, burdened by a friend's generosity (skip to 9:20)
Mr. Helpful - David as an alcoholic life coach (skip to 20:28)
Heaven and Hell - David as Irwin the ice cream man (skip to 16:48)
The Hangover - David as Ian the belligerent drunk (skip to 13:30)
Compassion - David as an epitome of compassion 
This One's For the Children - David as a children's author with mother issues (skip to 8:38)
Into America - David on the proper pronunciation of the word 'drama' (skip to 13:24)
A Secret History of Famous Friends - David as Fred Flintstone (skip to 4:20)
Bedrock's Bosom Buddies - David as Fred Flintstone - live version (via iTunes)
Envy - David as a smouldering train passenger (via iTunes)

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