CBC's top-quality news and information services are now available on many of Canada's leading mobile browsers.

Working with wireless partners Bell Mobility, Rogers AT&T, Fido, Zero Gravity and AvantGo, CBC is offering Canadians access to national, international and business news, science and technology, sports and entertainment, through the convenience of mobile browser technology. CBC's wireless services provide content in the following areas:

News covers events as they happen nationally and internationally. The online team is backed by the considerable news gathering resources of CBC TV and radio to keep Canadians informed. In addition to telling our audience about daily and breaking news events, presents analysis and background information on the day's news in a timely fashion. The site uses photo galleries, quizzes, blogs, interactives, columns, diaries and FAQ's to give texture to the news.


Here you'll find a wide range of Health news stories, offering information on the latest medical advances, recent study results and research findings. In-depth features provide details about the latest health threats, preventative measures and treatments, as well as guides and tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Arts & Entertainment

CBC Arts Online offers comprehensive coverage of arts, media and entertainment for Canadians, from a Canadian perspective. In addition to up-to-the-minute arts news, the section provides original commentary and analysis on the latest trends and developments in film, television, books, music, art, design, media and theatre. The site regularly features photo galleries, quizzes, polls, roundtable discussions and online diaries as a way of exploring the impact that arts and entertainment have on our daily lives. The journalists at CBC Arts Online draw upon the full resources of the CBC and are committed to furthering the network's reputation for excellence in arts coverage.

Technology & Science

Technology & Science looks at the latest advances in science and technology, provides the inside scoop on new gadgets and games, and makes sense of how leading-edge developments will affect your life. News stories, columns and in-depth features will help you keep abreast of developments in the fast-paced science and tech sectors, cutting through the jargon and giving you the information you need in plain language.


Comprehensive and authoritative, our Money section provides everything from Canadian and International business news to tax tips to current stock quotes. Money offers the breaking news and economic information Canadians need to stay on top of the business market, along with columns and features aimed at helping people become savvy investors who can take an active role in planning their financial future.

Consumer Life

Consumer Life is a guide to the news and information that savvy Canadian consumers need to know. From retail to e-tail, it's a buyer-beware world out there. How can you tell the knockoffs and snake oil from the real deal? Is a product safe, or has it been recalled? Is the latest thing really something worth spending your hard-earned dollars on? What do the experts recommend? Get the knowledge you need to ask the right questions, avoid the pitfalls, find the bargains and make the smartest deals when shopping around for goods and services.


CBC Sports Online offers up-to-the-minute sports news and a full complement of live scores, stats and standings, as well as analysis and background information on current sports issues affecting Canadians at home and abroad. The section covers all the major sports . hockey, football, baseball and basketball . plus a full suite of amateur events and sports that matter to Canadians, including curling, soccer and golf.