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Nishiyuu: March 2013 Archives

David Kawapit on what he's learned on the Journey of Nishiyuu

484291_10151426166803612_1198431019_n.jpgThe walk to Ottawa may be over, but the story of Nishiyuu will be talked about for years to come among Eyouch. David Kawapit, who came up with the idea to take this walk back in January, is anxious to get home. But after walking so long and having a certain routine we wanted to know what the walkers learned and what they will do next.  Melissa Natachequan spoke with David Kawpait in Chelsea the day before they reached Ottawa.


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Many caught up in the excitement as Nishiyuu arrives in Ottawa

While there were thousands of people on Parliament Hill March 25th to welcome the walkers of the Journey of Nishiyuu, they weren't the only ones caught up in the excitement. Many others across the country were the event live on television. Vincent Georgekish spoke with Linda Masty, who watched the event from Whapmagoostui.


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CBC North's Melissa Natachequan reports on Nishiyuu arrival (English)

IMG00077-20130325-1414.jpgThousands of people were on Parliament Hill for the arrival of the Journey of Nishiyuu on March 25th. It started with six young Crees in Whapmagoostui on Hudson's Bay. But when they marched into Ottawa the group was about 300-strong, with Cree, Inuit, Algonquin, Mi'kmaq and Mohawk walkers. Here is CBC North's Melissa Natachequan reporting on the day's events with Quebec AM host Susan Campbell.


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