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Nishiyuu: January 2013 Archives

Chisasibi eagerly awaits Nishiyuu arrival

People in Chisasibi are preparing for the arrival of the Journey of Nishiyuu. Ever since the seven walkers left Whapmagoostui on January 16th, people within Eeyou Istchee and around the world have followed their progress via social media and radio updates. Melissa Natachequan visited Chisasibi and spoke with some people about what the Journey of Nishiyuu means to them.
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Nishiyuu walkers expected to arrive Friday

nishjan31.jpgThe Journey of Nishiyuu is expected to arrive in Chisasibi on Friday February 1st. The walkers had hoped to reach their first destination by Tuesday but have been having some troubles. Gabriel Herodier is coordinating the walkers who will join from Chisasibi and is also keeping track of where the Whapmagoostui walkers are. He spoke with Betsy Longchap on Thursday morning to bring us the latest.
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Latest on the Nishiyuu walkers

The Nishiyuu Journey walkers continue making their way towards Chisasibi. This story has now reached around the world and they have many supporters. Once the group gets past Chisasibi, many other walkers, from inside and outside the Cree Nation plan on joining in. Betsy Longchap spoke with Matthew Mukash to get an update on the Journey.

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