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Waskaganish elder's goose break safety message

It's goose break and many hunters are out near the open waters or travelling on the ice to get to their hunting camps. Elder Billy Stephen of Waskaganish wants all hunters to be safe out there.

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CWEIA supports call for inquiry into murdered and missing women

The Cree Women of Eyou Istchee Association says it supports a call for a national inquiry into the issue of murdered and missing aboriginal women across Canada. The Native Women's Association of Canada estimates that 600 aboriginal women have disappeared or been killed since 1980. The Association says aboriginal women are five times more likely to die from violence than non-aboriginal women. In April, the association called for a national inquiry. Betsy Longchap spoke with the president of the CWEIA Virginia Wabano along with Irene Bearskin House. 

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Waskaganish teen completes puzzle in 35 sec

Anotnio2.jpgGrowing up we often have a favourite toy or game we like to play. For Antonio Stephen of Wakaganish, that hobby is solving the Rubik's cube. He's 14 years old and he can complete the basic puzzle in just 35 seconds. Melissa Natachequan spoke with him about his hobby.
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