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Past Episodes: January 2013 Archives

Latest on the Nishiyuu walkers

The Nishiyuu Journey walkers continue making their way towards Chisasibi. This story has now reached around the world and they have many supporters. Once the group gets past Chisasibi, many other walkers, from inside and outside the Cree Nation plan on joining in. Betsy Longchap spoke with Matthew Mukash to get an update on the Journey.

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Whapmagoostui youth head out in support of Idle No More

Dave.jpgThe Nishiyou Journey got underway in mid-January in Whapmagoostui. Six youth, along with a guide and a trail-maker left the community heading to Chisasibi on January 16th. They will continue all the way to Ottawa in support of Idle No More. Melissa Natachequan spoke with David Kawapit just before they left on their journey.

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Romeo Saganash returns to House of Commons

Last October, the New Democratic MP Romeo Saganash was forced off an airplane at Montreal airport en route to Val d'or because he was too drunk to travel. The MP for Abitibi - James Bay - Nunavik - Eeyou later admitted he had a problem with alcohol and needed help.  Romeo Saganash was back at work in Ottawa in mid-January. Roderick Rabbitskin spoke to him.

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