CBC North - Photo By Teddy Carter

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Tributes to longtime Mistissini resident Peggy Linton

Our communities have seen many visitors come and go, with few actually setting down longterm roots. Peggy Linton was one of the few who became a member of Mistissini Lake. Linton moved to the community in the early 1970's with her husband Reverend Larry Linton. After a long bout with Ahlzeimers, Peggy Linton succumbed to the disease in mid-October. They paid service to the community through the Baptist Church, with Peggy also working as a teacher at Voyageur Memorial School. 

Matthew Iserhoff spoke with elder Noah Wapachee of Nemaska, to find out more about her contribution.

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Judy Macleod, Beverly Quinn and Georgina Forward all worked with Peggy at Voyageur Memorial School. Judy wrote something in Peggy's memory in English. Georgina and Beverly will translate. 

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