CBC North - Photo By Lena Autut

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Sundance series - Part 2

Part two of our series on the Sundance: Whapmagoostui held theirs in the month of July. The last Sundance meeting is on Thursday evening. On Friday, the dancers build thier lodge and then in the evening they feast one last time. From Friday night until Sunday evening, the Sundancers in Whapmagoostui danced. They had time to rest of course, but they did this without food and water. Blowing whistles to a drum has a place in the tradition. Melissa Natachequan wanted to find out more about the whistles, so she spoke with Jimmy George about it.

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Laura George from Whapmagoostui was completing her last year of Sundance. Melissa caught up with her while they were building the lodge during the day, before they went in to the Sundance londge Friday night.

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