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Past Episodes: June 2012 Archives

Language key to keeping Cree culture alive

In June, aboriginals across the country celebrated National Aboriginal Day, a time to express pride in their native heritage. A long-time pre-kindergarten teacher from Oujé-Bougoumou says being able to speak the Cree language is very important to maintaining a link to First Nations culture and traditions. Joshua Loon spoke with instructor Annie Grey.


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Dabweytamuwin Academy celebrates first graduates

June is graduation month in Eyou Istchee. At Dabweytamuwin Academy in Mistissini, this year marks the first time it has held a graduation ceremony along with other schools across Eyou Istchee. The Christain-based school opened it doors in 2006. Warren Mettawashish has attended the Academy since he was 12. He and Silas Neeposh are the first two graduates of the school. Melissa Natachequan spoke with Warren.

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New band Cree Rising launches single

There is a lot of musical talent in Eyou Istchee. Now, there is new up and coming Cree band from Chisasibi. They are a team of 5 called Cree Rising and they are making their own songs. They released their first single in June. Melissa Natachequan had the chance to speak with a couple of the members.
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