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Past Episodes: August 2011 Archives

Cree delegation on proposed changes to Mining Act

Proposed changes to Quebec's Mining Act were discussed at public hearings in Quebec city from August 23 to the 25th. A delegation from Eeyou Istchee went to voice Cree concerns and thoughts about the proposed changes. Abel Bosum was the head of the Cree delegation that appeared. Roderick Rabbitskin spoke with him to find out more.


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Thomas Coon reflects on 30 years with the CTA

It's hard to leave a position after doing it for more than 30 years. Two weeks ago, Thomas Coon, former Vice-President of the Cree Trapper Associaton lost to Willie K. Gunner in the C. T. A. elections by 2 votes. Thomas was recognized at the recent AGA, for his years of service. Melissa Natachequan had a chance to speak with Coon.

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Grand Chief Matthew explains the Cree Development Corporation

The Cree Development Corporation was created in 2002, as part of the New Agreement with Quebec (Paix des Braves) to help develop Cree business in Eeyou Istchee. Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come explained the role of the corporation at the Annual General Assembly in Eastmain recently. Betsy Longchap had a chance to speak with Matthew after his presentation.

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