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Past Episodes: July 2011 Archives

Cree youth to reclaim old traditional routes

In the summer time, a lot of things happen in Eeyou Istchee like gatherings, tournaments and canoe brigade's. The CNYC is having something almost like a canoe brigade. It's called "Weshkitch Boumhounan Blojeck" and 18 Youth will paddle from Waswanipi to Nemaska. While they're on their way to Nemaska, they will relcaim old tradition routes. Vincent Georgekish spoke to Youth Grand Chief, Stacy Bear about this "blojeck" (project).

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Cree elder recalls summer gatherings as a kid

There are many communities getting ready right now to have their annual traditional summer gatherings. Nemaska just finished theirs over the weekend and this coming weekend Whapmagoostui will have theirs. Back in the days families would come out of the bush and meet for the summer months. Maggie Natachequan from Whapmagoostui remembers the long trips back and she shared her story with Melissa Natachequan.

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Wemindji radio releases video project

There are many forms of talent coming out of the community of Wemindji lately. They are now on their second Wemindji sings album. But there are some people who don't use their voices on a CD, they use their talent of imagry and music. Abraham Matches who works at the Wemindiji radio is working on a movie/picture project. Melissa Natachequan spoke to him about it.

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