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Past Episodes: April 2011 Archives

Washaw Sibi waiting for green light to move

chief-katapatuk.jpgThe Crees of Washaw Sibi are still waiting to have their own community. They are officially the 10th cree community now and their representatives take part in all regional events. They have picked out a piece of land near Amos but are still waiting for the go-ahead to move there. Melissa Natachequan spoke with Chief Billy Katapatuk for an update.
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Fred Tomatuk thinks Canucks will reach finals

The NHL playoff season has begun, which means teams will battle for Lord Stanley's cup and men will grow beards! Fred Tomatuk in Eastmain takes his sports very seriously and one of those sports is hockey. Melissa Natachequan spoke with Fred about what he thinks will happen in the 2011 playoffs.
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Niskamoon offers internship opportunity

Wondering what kind of job you might like in the future, or what you should go for in a college education? How about something out on the land? Niskamoon Corporation is offering a 13-week internship program that may help you decide on an environmental career. Melissa Natachequan spoke to Joshua Loon who is working on this project, but has also participated. 

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