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Latest results from Enviro Health Study

People in Waswanipi and Whapmagoostui who participated in the Environmental Health Study will soon be getting their results in the mail. These are the results of a series of tests -- hair, fingernails and others -- done to try to figure out if Crees have contaminants in their bodies. Each year, the project goes to different communities to check the people. Reggie Tomatuk works on the project with Cree Public Health. Melissa Natachequan spoke with him in Chisasibi about this most recent phase of the project.
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Kenneth Tanoush wants to see changes in Cree governance

The Cree Nation Governance Working Group is consulting with all of the Cree Nation. The goal is for Crees to one day have total control over their land and resources. Kenneth Tanoush in Nemaska encourages all youth to speak their minds. Betsy Longchap sat down with him this summer to talk about his vision of Cree governance.

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Cree Nation Governance Working Group website

Harry Snowboy launches book about his life

Talking in public about your personal life and experiences is not always easy to do. Some people share their stories as a tool to help themselves and others.
That is exactly what Harry Snowboy from Chisasibi did. He published his new book A Voice from the Wilderness earlier this month. Melissa Natachequan spoke with Harry Snowboy just before the book launch.
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