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Food with Jonathan Pinto - Home Butchering, Pt 2

Jonathan Pinto was recently invited by butcher Jamie Waldron to learn how to butcher a lamb at Ewe Dell Family Farms. He told us all about it. (Runs 8:46)

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Jamie Waldron's book is called "Home Butchering Handbook." It's available in bookstores, on iTunes, and through Jamie's website.

Meet Jamie Waldron. He's holding the 44lb lamb we butchered at Ewe Dell Farms.

Jonathan makes his first cut.
making an incision.jpg
Then, he got to use the meat saw.
meat saw.jpg
Finished cuts.

Jonathan Pinto is Windsor Morning's full time technician and part time foodie. Do you have a food, restaurant or dish that you think Jonathan should explore? Call talkback: 519-255-3400, email us at windsormorning [at] or tweet him @jonathan_pinto.