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Windsor Votes: The Citizen's Agenda

Windsor is at a crossroads. The city's recovery and future prosperity could be largely influenced by the next council. How can we capitalize on what we do best and what kind of leadership would it take to get us there?

Our Panelists:

Mark Boscariol

Mark Boscariol lives in Ward 9.
He owns a business in Ward 3.

Rose Anguiano Hurst

Rose Anguiano Hurst is a teacher/administrator at a skills training organization in Windsor.
She lives in Amherstburg.

Jonathan Nehmetallah

Jonathan Nehmetallah lives in Ward 1.
He is studying for a master's degree in political science.

Sousan Khaled

Sousan Khaled lives in Ward 9.
She is a teacher/administrator the Al Hijra Islamic School.

Tom Porter

Tom Porter lives in Ward 3.
He is a lawyer and former city councillor.

The Agenda

We asked five people to share their thoughts on what election issues are important to them.

The panelists represent a cross section of people and points of view in our community.

The hope is that their agendas will set the stage for what issues the candidates need to be talking about, leading up to the election.

Each panelist was asked the same 5 questions:

  1. What are the biggest issues municipal candidates need to address to move our city in the right direction?
  2. What ideas do you have about how to address these issues?
  3. What do you think Windsor's strengths, weaknesses and opportunities are? What threatens Windsor?
  4. Economic diversification and bringing jobs to Windsor is something both the residents and the candidates are talking about. What role should council play in helping that happen?
  5. What will influence your voting decisions most in this election? What skills and abilities does a candidate need to get your vote?

In the days to come, we'll hear what these people have to say about Windsor; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We also want to hear from you. Sound off about the issues affecting your riding.