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Windsor Votes: The Other Guys - Part 1

Karen Brady, CBC News

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While Mayor Eddie Francis and challenger Rick Limoges were debating Windsor's potential future, four other candidates sat on the sidelines. The Chamber of Commerce excluded them because the 'logistics' of having all six candidates debate.

One of those sidelined is mayoral candidate Michael Mosgrove. He came to listen, despite the snub. He told me Monday that he found it ironic that he was a Chamber member but wasn't asked to speak. But according to the Chamber, Mosgrove let his membership lapse last March after only becoming a member the year before - a point he clarified today - saying that he was still getting email from the Chamber so he thought that meant he was still a member.

Mosgrove sat at the back of the room and listened to the entire exchange. He says he's not angry because, "that's not how you get things done". When asked what he thought of the Limoges/Francis square off, he said he came away "uninformed".

Some of the questions posed to the debaters included jobs, regional cooperation, the contracting out of city jobs, and improving downtown. I asked him some of the same questions. Mosgrove was passionate when he talked about the contracting out of city jobs. "It did not work. I say no to privatization, period." Mosgrove also balks at the idea that he's not qualified to be mayor. "Experience has nothing to do with it. I believe it's got everything to do with knowledge, common sense, good business sense and good leadership."

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Mosgrove says he has good communication and leadership skills, and if elected he'll conduct town halls, like the one he pulled off Monday night. Mosgrove set up a conference call of sorts, where residents were invited to dial in and ask him questions. Residents could listen in to all his answers. "We thought it was going to be a unique way to reach out to people without them going out to a facility, and we were wondering if they would get out to a facility. When we started looking at studies and how they were done, we come to the conclusion that people don't always make it to to these things." Mosgrove preferred to keep the cost of such an event private. "It's probably no more than sending a flyer out." He'll host another phone-in on Thursday evening.

Mosgrove says the city has adjusted heritage boundaries in Sandwich just to stall Maroun's proposed second span. "We need to look at this and correct this." He believes reversing the changes to the heritage boundaries, and tearing down the homes are what Sandwich residents want. He'll hold an press conference tomorrow to announce more about his west Windsor plans.

Also of note, Mosgrove is still facing criminal fraud charges over $5000 in Wellington County. The OPP alleges Mosgrove's company reneged on a deal to supply a tow truck to another company after money was exchanged. Mosgrove says it has 'no bearing on where I was going with the election. This was not something that was going to deter me because I knew that it was between the two corporations and that it would work out.' His next court appearance in Guelph is October 15th.

In June, Michael Mosgrove's city tow truck licenses were also revoked after numerous client complaints.

Check back to my blog on Wednesday. I'll be writing about some of the other mayoral candidates.

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