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Windsor Votes: Windsor Mayoral Candidates

Win-mayor-anthonybrothers-webpic.jpgAnthony Brothers

Occupation: Building Contractor

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Platform: I am running for Mayor in order to represent you and bring your concerns to the table and to create new opportunities for growth and success. My objective is to work with city council, business and community partners, and other levels of government to create prosperity and economic growth.

As mayor I intend to work collaboratively and constructively with city council to develop an agenda and action plan for revitalizing our city. We will need to work together in a spirit of teamwork to set priorities and build consensus on how to address the challenges we face.

Change and progress must start with new leadership and new ideas. I believe the people of Windsor want and deserve a municipal government that is proactive and deals with challenges head-on. This will enable our city to move forward and prosper once again.

My main goals are:

  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!
  • Bring new & diverse employment opportunities.
  • More policing & less crime
  • Lower property taxes
  • Better healthcare (we should not have to go to London or the states to get proper care!) Renew the HOPE that many have lost!

win-mayor-eddie-francis.jpgEddie Francis (Incumbent)

Candidate Website

 (more information when available)

Platform: Great cities are built with a clear vision, a strong focus, combined with hard work, perseverance, and a collective effort.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing our Moving Forward Plan. Our Plan will detail how we will continue to reduce your taxes, decrease debt and create jobs. Our Plan will outline the steps we need to take to diversify our economy, attract jobs and make Windsor the City of Choice - the place where people want to live, visit and do business.

Motivation, experience and an unwavering dedication to you and your tax dollars are some of the qualities that I have consistently brought to the Office of Mayor. This election is critical to the future of our community and I need your help. I approach this campaign with the enthusiasm that comes from knowing that we have been through a very challenging time together - one that required strong leadership and a steady hand, but also knowing of the great opportunities that lie ahead and that will Move our Windsor Forward.

If you would like to join us in Moving Windsor Forward please go to www.francis2010.ca or call us at (519) 966-7780.

win-mayor-Rick-Limoges.jpgRick Limoges

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Platform: Windsor is a community of hardworking, talented and skilled people living in a geographically ideal region. And yet, we have had record level unemployment in this community.

Windsor has not been able to position itself for the rebound of the global economy despite having received more federal and provincial infrastructure dollars than other communities. Windsor's economic development portfolio, which is the underpinning to job creation strategies, has been mismanaged.

As Mayor, my top priorities will be job creation and economic development. We simply cannot afford to burden our existing tax base. All other matters of well-being to people and families in our community depend on our ability to expand our existing tax base. That means economic diversification and investments that bring jobs.

My focus will be on enabling business, and all other sectors, to bring employment opportunities into our community. Windsor needs a Mayor who can work with all community stakeholders, regional partners and all levels of government. Let's get working. Together. We are capable of a more prosperous future for our city and ensuring that its residents, especially our young people, have opportunities in our community.

I ask for your support on Election Day to help make it happen.

win-mayor-mosgrove-web.jpgMichael Mosgrove

 (more information when available)

win-Mayor-Sam-Sinjari-webpic.jpgSam Sinjari

Occupation: Car Salesman | Candidate Website | Facebook | Twitter

Platform: My campaign is going to be about this city's renewal and change.

I mean to support and grow the survival of this city of Windsor. Diversity has recently come upon us and so it is my mission if elected mayor to re-unite this city and to make it the greatest gateway to Canada.

We need to take control and be the masters of our own house and its destiny. Windsorites must stand strong and not be divided. I believe that I Sam Sinjari can lead us into the future to accomplish these ends.

Win-Mayor-Robert-Vinson-webpic.jpg Robert W. Vinson 

Occupation: Student

Platform: We have started to bring a tourist industry into Windsor with Caesars Windsor Casino, and the new WFC arena on the east side of town. We need to bring in more attractions that are family orientated, if we fail to do so, we will have two beautiful buildings that are empty because we didn't bring the tourist here.

We have the potential of bringing over 27 million visitors to Windsor, which live within a 4 hour drive. We can do this by utilizing our beautiful and user friendly waterfront. As mayor of the city giving incentives to different developers to build family friendly attractions and venues that compliment our waterfront is essential to successfully bringing in families to visit.

Emphasizing on families enables the destination to be a 2 or 3 day stay in the city, rather than the overnight stay that so frequently accompany single visitors.

Some attractions that I invasion for our water front would be a fish aquarium that specializes in the aquatic species of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway. As the automotive capital of Canada we could have an Automotive Museum and Science Center, which specializes in the manufacturing Industry.

CBC News contacted all candidates in mid-August, prior to the election, and asked them to submit a photograph, website address, Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as 200 words outlining their platform. The content here represents what CBC has received to date.