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Windsor Votes: Ward 9

Unofficial election results from the City of Windsor.

Position Name Votes
Note: Unofficial results released by the City of Windsor

Candidates for Councillor

Cécile Paquette Crouchman

Occupation: Retired Social Worker | Facebook

Platform: I experienced eight years of no representation on City council and most of WARD 9 candidates do not reside in Ward 9.

I started a petition to reduce the 80 km speed limit on Baseline Road. It took one-and-a-half years to be heard at City council, By-Law changed and new 60 km signs posted.

I strongly believe Windsor should take a more environmental and less taxing approach to city issues.

Windsor needs to diversify its economy by actively attracting new businesses with progressive policies and incentives that create an environment for new business and investment. As well, helping existing businesses who may be experiencing problems with City Hall departments that cause undue financial difficulties.

I would champion a regional city-county transit system that has long been under study but which has not managed to come to fruition. Regional relationships appears to be at odds a lot of work needs to be done to move a city-county wide transit system further along. I am a strong supporter of the new DRIC bridge that would get trucks off Windsor city streets and create a greener environment.

Hilary Payne

Candidate Website

W9-Antun-Peakovic-webpic.jpgAntun Peakovic 

Occupation: Lawyer | Candidate Website

Platform :I was born and raised in Windsor to immigrant parents. I am a lawyer in Ontario and Michigan, and worked nearly a decade as a mechanical engineer. I have been deeply involved in municipal affairs.

I led the effort to stop annexation of Sandwich South by the City of Windsor and later successfully modified the official plan to include residential buffers to new development and the most comprehensive green trail/space system in the area. Most recently, I became co-chair of the Southwest Detention Centre community liaison committee.

I want to start rebuilding our communities, revitalizing our economy and build a plan for our future. I have the education, the experience in business and municipal affairs, and the drive to make Windsor a better place. My plan includes:

Fostering Greater Economic Development by

  • Creating progressive policies and incentives, such as reducing license fees and taxes, that create an environment enabling investment in small business
  • Streamlining municipal processes

Building a Strong, Vibrant and Sustainable Community by

  • Encouraging urban villages not urban sprawl
  • Improving and adding to buffers, green space and green trail systems
  • Increasing opportunity for residents' participation, input and feedback by holding regular town hall meetings

w9-Rob-Sassine-webpic.jpg Rob Sassine 

Occupation: Self-employed | Candidate Website

Platform : I feel it is time for me to get involved and help make change happen. Born and raised in South Windsor, I will work diligently to make sure my neighbour's interests are heard. I want to help Windsor move forward in the right direction and keep Windsor a great place to live.

One important issue that we will focus is Job Creation. City Council must empower the Mayor and the Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation with the ability to attract these employers to our city.

We must lobby the regional, provincial and federal governments for any and all assistance available to bring business to the city of Windsor. We must also continue to support small business so they have the ability to grow and expand.

Another important issue is taxes. City taxes are an investment of your hard earned dollars and must be spent responsibly. We must continue to find new ways to reduce costs and ensure that we are getting the best possible return for your investment. By reducing costs, we will be able to hold the line on taxes keeping your hard earned money in your pocket to spend and enjoy.

w9-hank van aspert-webpic.jpgHank Van Aspert

Occupation: Electrical Contractor | Video Message | Candidate Website | Facebook

Platform: My reason for running for council in ward nine is that I believe that the city should be run like a business.

The taxpayers of the city deserve more accountability in each and every department of the city. we have to not only hold the line on taxes but find ways to cut them so that we can help business' start up and thrive in this community.

I firmly believe this can be accomplished by working together with managers and staff because they should know best where our tax money is going. The budget allowances should be changed to eliminate over spending at the year end just to make sure they get the same money or more in the next budget. In fact we should start by reducing the budgets by 5%.

The people are not being fooled by the disguised tax of Windsor Utilities water rate increases. Adding municipal and sewer charges to our utility bills, which prior to 1995 were part of municipal taxes, we have had an increase of 25 to 30 percent. This organization has now metamorphosed into an insatiable beast that is being fed with our money. It is time to reorganize Windsor Utilities.

CBC News contacted all candidates in mid-August, prior to the election, and asked them to submit a photograph, website address, Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as 200 words outlining their platform. The content here represents what CBC has received to date.